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Project Description
This project is part of the Microsoft Open Specification effort.
The purpose of the project is to publish annotated network capture files that match scenarios described in the Windows Protocols Overview Documents (formerly known as the European Union Overview Documents - EU ODs). Overview Documents describe how related protocols work together to support common scenarios and are published at MSDN under Windows Protocols/Overview Documents at You can use either Network Monitor (NetMon) or Message Analyzer to open and examine the network capture files. For more information on setting up and using Netmon with these captures, see UsingTheEUODCaptures.docx. For information on viewing these captures in Message Analyzer, see

Guide to the Releases
Network captures for the scenarios covered in a particular Overview Document are released together in a single ZIP file with a file name composed of the "short name" of the Overview Document and a version number corresponding to that version of the Overview Document as listed in the Revision Summary at the start of the document, for example In the very latest versions of the ZIP files, the Windows product version used to generate the captures is included in the name, for example In addition, the annotations in each capture file in these newer ZIP files include the published date (in the footer) of the Overview Document used to generate the captures. The list of most currently supported docs with scenarios is EU Overview Document Scenario Captures.

Frequently Asked Questions
See Documentation.

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